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Fairfield Golfers Club of Etobicoke

The club will be known as The Fairfield Golfers Club of Etobicoke.
The Club was founded on 22 April 1994 at the Fairfield Seniors Centre, 80 Lothian Avenue, Etobicoke.
The Mandate of the Club is for Members to play golf regularly during the Summer, to emphasize friendship, and to encourage each Member to play with as many different Members as possible during the year.
A Member will be 55 years of age or over, will not belong to any other Etobicoke seniors golf club and will have paid all required Club fees.
The maximum size of the Membership will be determined from time to time by the Executive and ratified by Members at the Fall General meeting.
New members Residents of Etobicoke Region, City of Toronto, will be given preference.
Member Application
New Member application form is available from - Peter Bailey - Phone 905-847-2488 - email -
Continuing Membership
To remain eligible for membership in the year following each season, a member must participate in a minimum of twelve (12) games. The executive may waive this requirement for good reason, such as, illness or temporary absence of the Member.
The executive of the Club will be elected from the Members at the Fall General Meeting, effective on the 1st of January next, and includes the following officers:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Course Chairman
  • Starter Chairman
  • Tournament and Special Events Chairman
  • Prizes Chairman
  • Handicap Chairman
General Meetings
General Meetings of the Members will be held in the Spring and Fall of each year at a date to be set by the Executive. Members will be notified of these meetings a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance.
Nominations For Executives
Nominations for the executive will be proposed by the Members, and to ensure continuity, a Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Executive to prepare a slate of Officers for the Fall General meeting.
Replacement of an Officer
If an Officer leaves the Executive, a replacement Officer may be appointed by the Executive. This appointment must be ratified by the Members at the next General Meeting.
The Executive will appoint a Secretary to record minutes of all General and Executive Meetings.
Appointment of Secretary
Whenever possible, the Secretary shall be the immediate Past-President of the Club.
The Executive will appoint an Auditor who will audit the Club's Financial records for the calendar year, and prepare an Auditor's Report for presentation at the Spring General Meeting.
Membership Fees
Membership Fees and their due date will be set by the Executive and must be paid by Members at the time of submission of their application. The membership fee is non-refundable.
Members will submit applications for Membership each year. Application forms will be made available to Members at least three weeks prior to their due date.
Annual Tournament
The date of the Annual Tournament will be set by the Executive close to the end of September as part of the Regular Game Schedule.
Tournament Eligibility
Any Member who has played ten (10) games before the Tournament will be eligible. Conformation of attendance will be required. Members with fewer than ten (10) games may play golf following the Tournament and attend the banquet but will not qualify for prizes.
Operating Expenses
The Membership Fees and other Club revenues will first be applied to Operating Expenses of the Club, secondly, to subsidize the Tournament banquet, and then to subsidize any other Club event.
The Executive will liaise with the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation, Etobicoke Region, to foster excellent relations.
The Constitution may be amended from time to time at a General Meeting with two thirds approval of those Members present.
This Constitution was Ratified and Signed the 22nd day of April, 1997. Amended, Ratified and Signed the 14th day of July, 1999. Amended, Ratified and Signed the 29th day of November 2002.